Case Histories

BONITA is a 9year old polo pony who came to us with a hairline crack down her near-fore hoof and she was throwing the odd lame step. The farrier investigated and found the hoof was rotting behind the hoof wall. This all had to be dug out. The extremely large hole was filled with glue and fibreglass. Apart from having a good plane of nutrition she also was having a special supplement for hoof growth. Despite all of this her hoof was still growing with a crack in it from the top.
 Bonita needing healingAfter 6 months we seemed to be no further forward and I felt as if she was blocking the nutrition from arriving at her hoof so I asked Heidi Sheane to give her a treatment. (November 2003).  She came back 3 months later to give her another treatment and found that Bonita was actually looking for healing but she was still holding onto some of her emotional problems.  I asked Heidi what she was working on and she said an area relating to forgiveness.

After that I asked Stephanie if she could do some distant Reiki. It was interesting to see how their two findings corresponded although they expressed it in different ways. Stephanie described it as Bonita felt that, because of traumatic past experiences, it was safer to be lame.  However she was very receptive to healing.  On a visit to Ireland later in the year Stephanie gave a hands-on Reiki treatment to Bonita

On the physical level Bonita now has about 5mm of hoof growth without a crack. The hoof has grown down so that there is no longer any glue or fibreglass in the foot.  She is much calmer and easier to handle.  All in all she is much happier in herself. –

Claudia Roche, Co Wicklow, Ireland

.My lasting memory of being treated by Stephanie is the wonderful sensation of being completely and utterly relaxed.  All tension evaporated and I was in a blissfully peaceful space.  I was most disappointed that the treatment had to come to an end.  It was an hour of heaven and, after feeling slightly detached for about 15 minutes, I realized that my walking had improved and I had more energy.

Sheelah Horsfield (age 80 yrs) Somerset

My dog, Peru, had developed a lump in his sheath and the vet had suggested that the lump should be removed.  We made the appointment for the operation two weeks later.  I went home and immediately telephoned Stephanie to ask for distance healing for Peru. When I took Peru back to the vet he decided that there was no need to operate because the lump had shrivelled to the size of a pea.

Claudia R, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Dear Stephanie, I am writing to just say a huge 'thank you' for all your help in helping us get past all the troubles that we were having with 'Scruff'. You suggested a change of name and now that he is known as 'Spike' he has become a JOY. He is positive in all that he does and has gone forwards in leaps and bounds, to the point that he was competitive in our 5yr 1.20m Show Jumping championships, two weeks ago. The course was actually more of a 1.30 track and he just 'rose' to the occasion. He now goes for the Future Sport Horse Championship before going to William Fox Pitt for the next stage in his career.

Thank you very much. Yours sincerely,


lucyMy very special, spiritual friend, Lucy, who taught me and her equine companions so much during her lifetime.  She died on Christmas Day 2003.  She is with me in my thoughts daily, so in that sense has not left me but I still miss her physical presence in my life.

  • Many of my proudest moments have happened with ‘just a horse’.
  • Some of my most peaceful and soulful memories have occurred when my only company was ‘just a horse’.
  • Some of my saddest times have involved ‘just a horse’.
  • Because of ‘just a horse’, I will rise early, work hard and look longingly to the future.
  • In those days of darkness, the gentle touch of ‘just a horse’ will give me comfort, understanding and love that will put my soul at ease.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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