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I developed strong bonds with family pets at a very early age and had a passion for horses before I could walk. 

I learnt from animals that distance is no barrier to telepathic communication;  the same applies to healing energies, they are non-physical and can travel over any distance instantaneously.

I have spent most of my working life in the corporate world but my passion has always been a love of animals and nature.  I have four delightful cats keeping me company – they were feral and chose to live with me - and until recently my family and I owned three horses. We used to keep them on the edge of Badminton Park, home of the famous Badminton Horse Trials.  I can truly say that I have ridden round Badminton, although not in the horse trials themselves!

I have always been interested in healing and in 1997 began by giving healing to friends’ pets.  In 2001 I took attunements in Reiki and was then asked to give treatments to friends, their families, neighbours and their pets, including horses and fish. 

In Spring 2004 I travelled to Ireland to study Equine Reiki with Heidi Sheane at her magnificent Horse Therapy Centre in Ballynabarney.

My thanks to all my friends who have given me such support and encouragement, in particular to Claudia and John Roche of The Roche Clinic in Co Wicklow, for their generosity in sharing their vast knowledge and for recommending their clients to me when they visit England!

Do give me a call or drop me an email if you think that I can be of help - particularly if you live in the South of England where most of my clients are based.

Stephanie Parkes, Healer, Horse Communicator

"On meeting Stephanie I soon realised that she works from the heart, making her in tune with and very respectful of facilitating energy; these are the main attributes of a great healer."
– Heidi Sheane   –    Reiki Master, Seichem Master

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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