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What is a Reiki Treatment?

A treatment takes approximately an hour with the recipient lying down, fully clothed. There is no pressure, manipulation or massage involved.  Some ailments respond quickly, others may require a course of treatments.

Reiki is subtle yet effective and there is often a feeling of relaxation and peace during the session.   Some feel tranquil afterwards whilst others feel energised.  After the treatment, healing may continue for several days.

Energy travels to where it is most needed, sometimes healing in ways we don’t quite expect.  Emotional issues may surface and these need to be addressed and released before a cure is effected.  Mental and emotional processes are non-physical energy and affect the physical energy of the body more than we know -  everything is linked, nothing is isolated.


"Stephanie came to see our six ponies in November 2006. She is a remarkable person with anextraordinary gift!”                                   S.A.L., Wiltshire.

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