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Reiki for Animals

Wills healingCommunication is what makes the world go round; it is also a two-way thing. Our animals, given the chance, are trying to convey messages to us but all too often with the stresses of modern day life these efforts to ‘talk’ to us are overlooked.  It can be difficult when emotionally involved to remain detached enough to observe and translate the subtle signals given in horse-speak, dog-talk or cat language.

I have been able to communicate with animals since I was a toddler.  I took it for granted that everyone could see, hear and understand what I did. I still believe that to be true, if only we take time out, slow down, observe and feel the magic happening around us.

1966 Veterinary Act

Before treatment of any animal takes place, please obtain your vet’s permission. It is not the Reiki practitioner’s role to diagnose or prescribe; the Reiki treatment seeks to complement orthodox and alternative therapies by removing energy blockages and achieving balance to promote good health.

I work by respecting the animal’s space, waiting for an invitation to step in rather than barging in, albeit with the best of intentions and a great deal of love.  What we regard as affectionate moves can be alien to an animal, particularly horses, who are animals of prey and therefore wary of sudden movements, or what they perceive to be aggression.  Stand back, enjoy the stillness, listen, be alert to the subtle signals given off; have patience, they will come sooner than you think.  Note how each species inter-relate.  They do not have arms to reach out and hug and give a big pat, or vast vocabulary to express emotions, so how do they communicate?  Very often it is by touch, by mutual grooming, or by rubbing up against one another but firstly they take time out and judge whether or not their attentions are welcome.  They signal their intentions and wait for a response, respecting it whatever the decision may be.                                     CONTD...

"All the kids have been together now for a week and are adjusting well. Bosco and Brandy actually take turns being the dominant, but Brandy has been more in charge lately. I rode both of them yesterday. I took Bosco out into the hills and rode Brandy in our arena. Her side pass canter was lovely! I think all is well - thank you so much for your advice and good thoughts!”  E.B., USA" (November 2006)

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